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Production facility SAIPL

With our hands on experience and acquired skiils  in manufacturing high manganese, high chrome, Ni-Hard, Heat-resistant steel, Carbon steel  and other alloys we offer quality casting at very right prices.
  • Melting - Induction Furnace Crucible - 2200kg, 1500kg, 500kg
  • Moulding - Chemical Bonded Sand System Complete With Continuous Mixer & Mechanical Sand Reclaimation Arrangements.
  • Heat Treatment - Oil and Gas Fired Heat Treatment Furnaces - Having Auto Control Cycles With Water, Air, & Oil Quenching Arrangements. 
  • Quality Assurance - Complete Equipped Laboratory with  ARL Spectrometer, Microscope & Other Instruments for Metallurgical, Physical & Sand Testing.
  • Pattern Shop - Well equipped Pattern Shop with experience of developing more than 5000 patterns.
  • Material Processing - Grinding Fettling shops, Hydraulic Press of various size, Shot Blasting Machine (72' Table Dia) along with Fully Equipped Machine Shop Facilities (Own And Ancillaris) consisting of Plano millers, Lathes , VTL and Drills